Saturday, March 9, 2013

sentimental piece at the furniture spa.

my great grandmother was my most admired person. most kids would occupy their time while visiting their great grandmother with some sort of game, coloring, or watching a disney movie while the "adults" visited with one another. none of those things interested me while at my mom b's house. i was the curious kid walking aimlessly aound her house admiring each and every room. i remember the love i had for all of her fireplaces and how i wished my house had more than the one that it did. i can still picture one of her guest bedrooms that had twin beds with the most fabulous matching floral bedding... i can easily fall in love all over again thinking about the fun i had as i entertained myself in her sunroom that was used as her beauty shop. my love for the vintage life started very young. and has (very much so) grown more and more the older i get. some of my favorite things in life are the things i still have of my great grandmothers. i carry her gorgeous sequin purses with pride and i've never changed addresses without taking some (often several things) of her home decor with me. a chair and ottoman recently took a quick trip to my furniture spa and got a little makeover. i eventually want to get both recovered but deciding on a fabric has been rather tough for me on this one. i want the perfect print that brightens my day and reminds me of my mom b. so until that perfectly fitting fabric is found i spruced this little baby up a bit to enjoy until the next makeover.
so here i am today.... sharing the story, the before and the after with you guys. happy saturday.


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