Wednesday, February 6, 2013

it's okay to be addicted to a good thing.

it's obvious.

you guys are...



in love...

with our lily and laura bracelets.

we can hardly keep them in stock!

what do we love most about that?
every bracelet that you all buy helps improve the quality of life for the women in nepal.

talk about feel good fashion!


each bracelet is hand crocheted by one of the women artists in Nepal using the world's finest quality glass beads.

guess what?
today is your LUCKY day if you love lily and laura like we do.

because we just had a huge delivery come through the door of the confetti crate!

the colors are unbelievable!

they are all over here stealing our hearts right this second...
just in time for valentines day!

these little beauties always seem to quickly find homes so you better hurry in to grab your favorites while they last!

and.... the younger sister. m. :)