Thursday, December 27, 2012

we want...

mallory and marley are at it again....
{blonde} heads together and thoughts combined.
we have so many fun ideas shuffling around for the new year.

we want to offer our blog readers specials.
we want to show our appreciation to those who recycle.
we want to keep the store filled with new. and excitement.
we want to hear our customers feedback.
we want to see pictures of our store in your home.
or on your child. (fur babies, included)
we want to continue growing. (store growth not body, that is)
we want to brighten your day simply by opening our doors for you to come to what so many refer to as "their happy place".
we want to see lots of new faces at our art parties.
we want to help you celebrate a birthday.
we want to offer giveaways just because.
but most of all....
we want our customers to know how much we appreciate them.

sign up for our newsletter. become a follower of our blog. share your pictures with us. save the earth. (details on our new recycle rewards are coming soon) plan an ART birthday party with us. tell us what you love most about the confetti crate. we promise a year full of specials for those that do. twenty thirteen is going to be a good year.


Christmas. An Engagement. And a messy house.

{in no specific order.}
i will present to you (in blog form) a little from some of it all. :)

but before i do any of that i would like to personally thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dream, my store, and my happy place. you all really kicked some tail this christmas season with major love shown by shopping local! thank you thank you thank you and..... thank you again! i couldn't be more thrilled about the last bit of 2012 at the confetti crate! we will reopen tomorrow from 10-6 and saturday 10-2:00. we would LOVE to see everyone before NEXT YEAR so come by and spend some of that Christmas money that's surely burning a hole in your pocket! in advance... i would like to apoligize about the BARE store. And the scattered random not so organized looking displays and such. after we closed the doors on Christmas Eve it has been ALL family. and I didn't step foot in the shop until late afternoon  today to show off the MESS store to my favorite Michigan family. :)  there will be after Christmas SALES going on so come see us tomorrow!

onto the next....

it was great.
full of sparkles.
family and friends.
fabulous food.
good music.
and safe travels.

i hope that each of you had the same and more.

i said YES.
a best friend will always be a best friend. but as of dec. 25th 2012 my best friend became a little more. my fiance. :) i was surprised. so surprised. i can't even explain the happiness that exploded inside when wes asked me to marry him. the weather was scary that night. sirens were going off left and right. but right there in our own little world we shared together a rather magical night. things finally calmed down a bit with the storms and we ended the 25th with a blanket fort, a movie, many forhead kisses and i love you's.... and a ring. :)

a messy house.
a time for sharing what's really behind doors of our house after all of the excitement.

scenes from our dining room. the sight of this is (slightly) different as of today. still a work in progress, people. still a work in progress. and yes, this is what you see right as you walk in the front door of our home... for now!

this looks kind of like our den.... oh wait, it kind of is. somewhere. under that pile. we have a den.

i am making progress. one {festive} box at a time. and for all of you who chose to look PAST the progress and eye balled the clean laundry piled nearly to the ceiling on the bed.... well, we cant be friends today! i need positive cheerleaders! :) this may be just an excuse to some but i'm REALLY trying to put the Christmas decor up in a neat and stress free way. that's part of the reason this is such a lenghty process. oh, that and.... i may or may not be still floating on cloud nine. taking more "breaks" from cleaning than i should to glance down at my ring....:)

 i envy my sister every single year when she pulls out her neatly stored christmas decorations.... it's fair to say that i am the sister pulling down tangled tinsel. half working lights. and broken ornaments. but next  year.... oh yes, next year. we just may have a different story to tell. :)

and until that point in time comes....
we will enjoy the moments. little. big. messy or clean.
we will relax and remember that we are so fortunate to have a home.
and work on the "putting away" one pile at a time. :) 
and maybe.... just maybe... we will have it together before Christmas twenty thirteen.

but if not.... i promise to work even harder at accomplishing it for twenty fourteen. :)

here's to another great year ahead, big changes on (speaking for myself) organization, wedding planning and a promise to always find time to love. and play. cheers!


Friday, December 7, 2012

this is how it all started....

and this is how it ended....

with real smiles.

a beautiful mess.

and of course...

a happy dance mallory and marley style.


and it just wouldn't be fair to leave you guys out of what happened in between.
but for now you will just have to wait for it....

mainly because it's still in the works. :)
more on this beautiful mess soon.

cheers to a colorful weekend!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

customer quote:

" your store is BREATH. TAKING.

my husband will be in tomorrow buying every single one of my Christmas presents

for this year.... and...... well, next year too!  i'm afraid my list just got long after coming here. just tell him you'll wrap the gifts for him and he should be jusssst fine "

of course, we will wrap his your gifts. pretty and for free. :)

and because you filled out a TCC Wish List while you were shopping around.... we should have noooooo problem pointing him in the direction of all of the lovely things you want this year...&next. ;)

thanks for adding so much fun to our day!

until next time....
keep up the good work to ensure you stay on the husbands "nice list". :)