Friday, November 23, 2012

small talk.

{about a BIG deal}

today is the day.
yes, for one of the souths favorite football games.
favorite day of the year, in fact.  

but.... that isn't exactly where i was going with this post....
today is the day.... to shop small.

show some local business love today on "small business saturday".
why stop now... black friday is just.... well, black friday!
and kind of yesterday.
kind of old news.

but the old news.... it never fails... is the kind that goes down in history. right?
and if it's played right... it's the kind worth remembering.

file under "black friday year one":

our first black friday was unbelievable. filled with so much excitement. out of control. pretty much perfect! ummm....did i say unbelievable?

i would be lying if i said i wasn't already excited about tackling black friday {year two}
it was that much fun.... and that darn exciting. :)

you guys are simply the best.
again we would like to say a HUGE thanks.
black friday wouldn't have been what it was {on the other side}without YOU GUYS to make it such a success. it was so much fun because of every single one of you.
on black friday{year one} we were reminded just how thankful we are to have the support that we do. today was overwhelming. it really was.

my sister [who mostly goes by the name marley.... though i do sometimes call her bob] is the best friend and sister God could have ever blessed me with. she is such a hard worker. so talented. and her creative juices have burst into flames. [especially over the past few years] and i have loved more than anything sharing the confetti crate adventure with her.
it's so much freakin' better than sharing a bathroom as we once did back in the day. after locking the doors to our black friday day.... we heated up soggy lunch at 7:45pm.... laughed.... and didn't mind one bit that our lunch time was really supper time....  our table ended up being the floor of the store....and our feet,oh... way past sore.

these are the days we will cherish forever. the days we just may make fun of in a few years. the days we will look back on and know without a doubt that we owe alot of people gigantic hugs.... and huge over-sized jumbo version thank you's....
all because they believed in us.
and supported us.

 and not only told us.... but showed us.

we would love to see lots of smiling faces at the confetti crate on small business saturday.

and to our favorite football team.... GO TROJANS!
until next time....the rest is just details.  :)


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