Thursday, November 29, 2012

ridiculous. a word i'm kind of in love with.

the back of the shop is ridiculous. kind of. but something tells me ridiculous is something to be thankful for. so i am. custom work is crazy busy these days. i have to take deep breaths and thank the good Lord for blessing me with the work. especially with work that i love. but i also sometimes catch myself praying extra hard for organization.
i make promises to return brushes to their "home", return paint cans to their "place",  put folders in their drawers,  and glitter rules change on a day to day basis.... but i dont like breaking promises. so i must confess.... today, tomorrow and possibly into next week i don't want to make those promises. i don't want any rules. glitter is pretty. finding the paint and brushes is a scavenger hunt and i really enjoy those things. i take back the recent rule of "no more painting in your good clothes because they are pretty much ALL sporting a permanent paint tattoo." so there... i take that one back. clothes are only clothes and so be it if my clothes (shoes included) have a little character added. what works for me, works for me. and it doesn't have to work for others. just as what works for others doesnt have to work for me. this week i am SO thankful to have some out of state help. the best part- not once has she given me the "we need an intervention" speech. she has worked her little alabama "vacation" away in the back of the store helping me (whew) and i have yet to hear "how do you find things in here? does this not drive you crazy?" she did ask one of the first days she was in town where something was and without even considering asking a second time she was certain it was so much easier to find it herself. because she knew that my answer would more than likely always be "im not sure how to tell you.... thats how i scored a part time job of becoming a professional scavenger hunter"  and that's kind of how the story goes.....she too, is enjoying the hunt. and the character on her clothes.... and the painted pretties she is making. messy work area and all. that's what i call a common ground. and one kick ass awesome, awesome friend! :)

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