Friday, November 2, 2012

do you know what happened exactly eight months and one day ago?

the confetti crate was born!

wow. i can't believe this journey started eight months ago.
it has been a wild and fantastic ride.
i have to say, i am truly blessed.
so happy.
and eager to see what more is to come.

i know i have said it before awhile back but i feel it is important enough to repeat.
thank you guys!
from the very bottom of my heart.
because of each of you.... i have this place. this home. this j-o-b that feels nothing like a "job" and much more like a dream come true.

that, my friends, feels just fancy.

thanks for believing in me.
thanks for constantly keeping my creative juice running wild.
thanks for encouraging me.
thanks for accepting that most days i will have my extremely beat up paint covered cowgirl boots on regardless of the outfit "matching".

thanks for supporting my local artists.
thanks for making me smile.
thanks for noticing the hard work. and little details.
thanks for everything, you guys.

it means the world to me. :)

so let's celebrate the first eight months of many more to come, shall we?!
come see me (and marley) anytime tomorrow from 10-6 and mention this blog post for a little saturday afternoon freebie! :)


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