Thursday, September 20, 2012

TCC {counterspace} wins award for the cutest pumpkin in town!

look. at.
pumpkin stud.

seriously, yall.
he made my day. 

having a pumpkin.... THIS CUTE..... just chillin' on the confetti crate counter today was all i needed. 
and more.
so... here ya go.... meet the cutest little pumpkin ever. 

and sorry people.. baby's not for sale. 
and to be quite honest.... he's not giving up his hat either.

{no worries, we have more in the store so come check them out}
 he loved it and wore it right out the door with a smile that.... ( guessed it).....  
made my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave. :)

im pretty sure it would have made yours, too. 

he's a seriously cute pumpkin.

ending this post with a ziggy quote....
"but mommmm.... i thought you said I WAS THE CUTEST PUMPKIN EVER?!"

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