Thursday, September 6, 2012

customer quote of the day.

"So, I have a proposition for you... Will you personal shop for me? Haha. Seriously though... I need you to pick out some things that I need, send me pics, let me tell you what I want and then you can invoice me and ship the goods or I can pick them up at some point. I have a blank wall in my living room that needs some love, and I need you to recommend me other cute things. Do we have a deal?"

are you kidding?

of course i will shop for you. 
of course i will help you with your decor.

of course of course of course! 

but.... are you for real? 
i'm feeling a little flattered. :)

when i received this email last night i got all giddy inside. decor giddy, that is. now.... let's 

hope i can turn the creativity brain on and get some ideas flowing. because this girl has 

serious style. in fashion AND decor even though she isn't believing in herself for some silly
reason and reaching out to me for help. i did say i was flattered, right? 



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