Monday, September 24, 2012

"arrrr arrr arrrr you coming?"

just a little FYI:

livee lou's marked ALL of her clothing on SALE for the big week ahead. yep, I said ALL. :)
have you tried the tailgaters dream dips by nature letters?
if so you will be happy to know that they are ALL marked down (from $5) to $2. stock up on these great dips while you can!!
 if you haven't tried the dips here's your chance at a great price!

{artist Trish Coston} 
marked down almost ALL of her necklaces AND some MORE!

I know this picture doesn't reveal exactly which onesies and burpcloths these SEAL tags are on.... but lets be honest.... have you ever seen a MY CRAZY MESS onesie that WASN'T cute? Hurry in to grab your favorites quick! The SALE onesies, burpcloths and dishtowels won't last long!!!! 

this week!!

it's only fair to extend the buy one {get one free} earrings special we ran last for one more week only.... have at it, ladies! :) 
 santa sure can get some stockings stuffed for great prices this week....
if he's up for shopping! :)
see you guys tomorrow.
and wednesday.
and thursday.
and friday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

TCC {counterspace} wins award for the cutest pumpkin in town!

look. at.
pumpkin stud.

seriously, yall.
he made my day. 

having a pumpkin.... THIS CUTE..... just chillin' on the confetti crate counter today was all i needed. 
and more.
so... here ya go.... meet the cutest little pumpkin ever. 

and sorry people.. baby's not for sale. 
and to be quite honest.... he's not giving up his hat either.

{no worries, we have more in the store so come check them out}
 he loved it and wore it right out the door with a smile that.... ( guessed it).....  
made my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave. :)

im pretty sure it would have made yours, too. 

he's a seriously cute pumpkin.

ending this post with a ziggy quote....
"but mommmm.... i thought you said I WAS THE CUTEST PUMPKIN EVER?!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

for a special two {who are very missed}

these gorgeous dream catcher bracelets in memory and in honor of Brittany Shepard Pugh and Shep will be available at the confetti crate soon! the bracelets are her favorite color, yellow of course. :) they are $22.00 with $10.00 from each bracelet going to her scholarship fund. we are thrilled to be a part of such a great cause for a very special friend and sorority sister. as soon as the bracelets are in we will most definitely  let everyone know so be sure to follow the blog and like the confetti crate on facebook for any updates. 

aren't the bracelets so beautiful?
just like brittany!  :)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

customer quote of the day.

"So, I have a proposition for you... Will you personal shop for me? Haha. Seriously though... I need you to pick out some things that I need, send me pics, let me tell you what I want and then you can invoice me and ship the goods or I can pick them up at some point. I have a blank wall in my living room that needs some love, and I need you to recommend me other cute things. Do we have a deal?"

are you kidding?

of course i will shop for you. 
of course i will help you with your decor.

of course of course of course! 

but.... are you for real? 
i'm feeling a little flattered. :)

when i received this email last night i got all giddy inside. decor giddy, that is. now.... let's 

hope i can turn the creativity brain on and get some ideas flowing. because this girl has 

serious style. in fashion AND decor even though she isn't believing in herself for some silly
reason and reaching out to me for help. i did say i was flattered, right? 



it's okay to be a follower. IF YOU FOLLOW THE RIGHT CROWD.

hint- it's about shopping. something ERRRbody loves.

hello, love bugs! 
i have something important for you guys to READ

so go ahead.... take a few quick seconds. it isn't long.  
trust me.
 i wouldn't ask that of anyone. 
because lets face it.... i may {or may not} be the one who would turn away and run after seeing a lengthy something to read. 

yep...i'm the girl with troubles in the focusing category. 
the girl who would rather write than read. 
(notice-the book got tossed to the floor and replaced with a pen and pad) 
and the messy hair. 
that's kind of okay, right?

ready set go.