Thursday, August 16, 2012

you've got mail.

the love letter wall.

you guys have touched me dearly with so many kind words said about the confetti crate. i mean.... seriously touched me.

being the fan of hand written letters {and art} that i am, i have a project. and i would love for you guys to be a part. well, much more than a part. more like.... i would love for you guys to make it happen.

it saddens me that hand written letters could easily fall under the category of a dying art. i refuse to let that be the case at the confetti crate. that being said, my wish is to have a love letter wall. your part in making that happen is simple.... take two {or so} minutes of your precious time to jot down some of those extremely kind words that are often shared aloud in the store (or on facebook) about the confetti crate. [or paint a pretty picture that-to you- is worth a thousand words] drop the love letter in the mail. and be on the lookout for your kind gesture to be displayed on the LLW. my brain has been flippin' on creative ways to make the love letter wall as pretty as can be. and i have several fun display ideas to work with. so lets get the ball rolling.... in the right {love letter} direction. one piece of art in the mailbox at a time. :) 

the confetti crate
110 w. madison street
troy, al 36081

you all are the absolute best. 




  1. I'm so thankful that you have a role model that has taught you the importance of a handwritten note!

  2. because of you and Memo always sharing so much love through little letters, I am so blessed. To all of the states I traveled and for each and every "extended vacation" i thoroughly enjoyed....the most magical thing of it all was the love that felt so close to my heart from many miles away.... simply shared through a hand written letter signed with x's and o's.

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  4. I was definitely not talking about me being "the role model"...I have good intentions, but seldom find a stamp to mail my letters/cards! s