Thursday, August 2, 2012

with each passing day i am taught new things (and often by kids)

i personally don't believe in "should" or "would"....or "could".
i am more of the "oh absolutely....we WILL make this happen in real life" kind of girl. 

i had a sweet customer (griff's mom) share a story with me the other day:

 "Griff decided he wanted to draw and paint this afternoon. I think he did very well, but of course I am partial. He asked me if we could hang it up at The Confetti Crate! I told him you couldn't just go 'hang something up' at Miss Mallory's store and he asked "why not?" gotta love his confidence in himself!"

ummm.... WHY NOT! is right. so of course, i insisted he bring his masterpiece to the confetti crate to display. and sale. seeing the sparkle in griffs eyes as he proudly rushed through the door, arms extended with painting in hand, showing off his artwork that he worked so hard on was one of those things that falls under the "making my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave" category. he filled the store with excitement without any intentions of doing so. whether he knew it or not...he was just a proud little guy who had this thing called art wrapped around his heart. while his mom shopped around griff and i went to display his work in our art room upstairs. griff boastfully said, "it's for sale, you know" and of course i asked him the price... originally starting at $200 he decided before he left that he wanted to change the price to $5. the painting was sold before he even left the store. griff was simply a kid with a story to tell.... and only he could tell it. and on that day, he did. though his perfectly painted guitar. 



  1. Such a cute story, Mallory! Griff is super cute kid and I so would have bought his drawing! I love the pictures of your store I see of fb, I have got to get by there soon!! Hope you are ddoing great!!!

  2. thanks, laura! i would LOVE to see you and your cute little side kick! :)