Friday, August 10, 2012

a related relationshop.

once upon a time there were two precious little girls who were, in reality, best friends. but would argue a difference with their moms. they were convinced they were cousins. and on a good day, they were sisters. 

meet georgia - a lover of all things pink. 
meet mary jane - a lover of pigs. 

in their very own little "related" world they stop to take time and read to one another in the "fetti crate". even though the insisting of getting a tory burch (pink) purse happened.... they still stop without getting wrapped up in this wild and crazy world to simply be best friends. 
 to enjoy the little things 
in their own little way. and they are two of my favorite little pretend cousins customers. :)



  1. I finally met Georgia, and she is a doll with a personality to match! Mary Jane was not with her yesterday afternoon, but I always enjoy seeing her beautiful eyes, tutus and personality when she comes to see "Miss" Mallory!

  2. they are just the cutest two.