Sunday, August 12, 2012

hey there, cupcake!

i kindly encouraged my mom to take a little trip to market last month. it was her first experience. along with a friend and my sister-n-law. i honestly didn't think my mom was going to agree on going for her first time without me. (or anyone other than two others who were also market virgins) but i am so happy she did and it may or may not have a whole bunch to do with her placing an order for THIS GIANT CUPCAKE.

imagine the excitement when i ripped open this delivery.
it was a party, of course. 
for the remainder of the day? absolutely! 
little-big miss cupcake (l.b.m.c.) quickly found it a home under the brightest of spotlights.
right in the center of the confetti crate store front.
i decided i loved "l.b.m.c." so very much that i would not sale her, yet only would i rent her out for special occasions that call for a bright, large, steal the show kind of cupcake display. its flirty, adorable, and absolutely PERFECT party material if you ask us. 
so if this decor detail is what it will take to make your next party a happy one, give us a call for details on renting. "lbmc" was kind of born to party. :)

so thanks mom (plus two) for doing a fantastic job picking out all of the happy things to bring back to the confetti crate. you guys knew there would be no failure with anything party related in the store. and you guys..... you were right!

who doesn't love a sweet treat delivered to their door. 


p.s.- LBMC was rented the very next day following her arrival to the shop. how did the word get out so quickly? easy.... i told you she was a head turning priss didn't i? well she is.... and it only took one day of being in the window front that someone didn't rush through the doors solely for her. 

seriously, such a natural.
 with a strawberry on top!

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