Thursday, August 2, 2012


alrighty, guys! lets make this thursday special....
do you remember me telling you all about  two good people...  
working hard... for someone they love....
who happen to also be good people who are in need of prayers.

well if you don't remember or if you are not even sure what i am talking about this thursday morning, no can catch up here.

Amy and Hawkins are still kicking tail and working hard at training for the 1/2 marathon.....let's give them a friendly little push full of encouragement today. i really hope to see the community come together in honor of of martha lynn and jim drinkard. to help amy and hawkins in meeting their goal i decided that i will donate 10% of all my sales (coming from my personal inventory) in the confetti crate to this great cause.

*if any of the other TCC artists  would like to participate in some way give me a call and i will let everyone know*

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