Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3's company.

Jennifer Coggins Brown, will soon welcome the THREE in 3's company. As her twin girls have very much so put the fancy in one and two.... Coggins will complete (or so Jennifer says) the 3's Company. We like to tease her and place high dollar bets that 3's company will eventually be 4's company later followed with 5's company. No laughs from her. :) So assuming Jennifer is one to keep her word on 3 being the final.... we decided to put a little spot light on her as she strolls around on her final few weeks before Coggins arrives. Above is his bed,  of course.... refinished at The Confetti Crate furniture spa. 


I was so excited that Jennifer was DEAD SET on the red bed... I love it! The bedding and other details were battled with a many of flip floppy decisions but the results are perfect! I think it all turned out just lovely, Jennifer! 

Thank you for sharing this little piece of your baby boy's nursery. 

i love all things nursery decor. 
it was a treat being a small part of helping with coggins new "crib". 


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  1. Love the red bed! I am working on a hot pink one for princess Emma's nursery!