Friday, August 31, 2012

FOOTBALL FEVER? absolutely!

i personally am a TROY TROJAN fan.


my parents kindly paid for a trojan (or two) in the family to go to school at Troy University so of course the trojans are my favorite. they shold be, right?

that being said:

T-R-whoop whoop!
O-J-whoop whoop....


but..... (who doesn't love a good butT?)
here is the thing. 
it's only fair to share the love with other teams.... particularly in Alabama. 

and only because i love colors...
and think the  orange + blue combo is fun..... 
here's a (smaller font) WAR EAGLE for all of the Tiger fans out there. :)
 READ: i did NOT purposely pair the auburn shout out picture in this post with a TROY football.
 It just happened that way, promise.
 i do have a million things in the store that I try photographing, you know. 
so two birds, one stone kind of deal often works well with my little life.

and for the BAMA boys and girls.....

(equally related to the emphasis added in the chosen war eagle font)

{whew.... glad those last two shout-outs are in the past.} what!
maybe i never could get over the fact that this elephant lover....
this cute tough little boy....
wearing this uniform.....
 thought that it was okay to play "real football" (aka-tackle me) as i casually walked around outside with no shoes+sucking my thumb+over sized bow in the blonde hair....
hoping to convince someone to play ring around the rosie with me. despite the fact that i [shamelessly] DID get talked into wearing a helmet....i was still confused as to what would come along with simply using the helmet as my saturday afternoon accessory. 

what little 3 (give or take) year old girl doesn't get caught off guard with her first experience of tackle football? i mean, come on!
without the hand shake + pinky promise agreement to actually play the game with tackles and's safe for me to say that i was not even the least bit prepared. 
so yes, maybe that could be part of the reason i've never really thought about jumping on the wagon with all of the other bama fans. 

so if ever again i am given a hard time for cheering on Auburn over Alabama on that "huge" day in the south i will officially have someone to blame. we will call it the blame game. 

dear bill,
you can explain to grandad.  [and mainly grandad]

& shelly.

& all of the other alabama fans floating around our family and friends circle...
 that you are the reason i choose to wear the orange + blue combo when the famous WDE & RTR war begins.

because..... let's be real here....
that's what big brothers are supposed to do for their younger sisters, right?
if i recall.... those words sound insanely familiar to the ones you said after THE tackle... recorded on an old school home video..... as i walked away crying for my mama to play ring around the rosie with me you say in a thick southern accent....
"but mallory... that's just what you supposed to do."
(in other words that possibly meant PLEASE DONT TELL MOM I JUST PLOWED OVER YOU) 

PLAY DEFENSE!  & hit em hard.

no really.... just play ring around the rosie with me and your responsibility of explaining this whole decision of mine will be reconsidered. 

until then....
welcome to the first year of the "brother blame game"

in closing of this "football fever" post....
all good things must come to an end.

and with this being "the end".... (for tonight anyway)
 i saved the best for last. of course.

one HUGE reason i love being a trojan fan above all.
it's so much more peaceful. 
(feel free to use the photo below as your visual version example)

Troy is on top. 
Looking only in an upward direction.
 focusing on their team.
and making their town proud.
and ignoring anything that falls below....

dont get me wrong...
the na-na-na-na-boo-boo ongoing battle can be fun. 
but boy am i glad i am just a happy ole' trojan kind of gal...
 excited about this football season....

with an older brother to blame for :) 

 artist credit:
Barbara Grimes, owner of Barb's on Mulberry painted the TROY TROJANS burlap door hanger. And every Troy fan needs one, just saying! :)
Curt Cotney, owner of {your} statement gets credit for the super cute state of alabama cutouts. marking the spot  you choose to love with a heart.  Available at The Confetti Crate.. yes, Troy+Tuscaloosa+Auburn states are available. 
Another credited photo for Barb Grimes' paintings  in the last picture... you know, the one I kindly (and creatively... yea i'm speaking for myself, so what) organized and snapped to serve as a quick little visual for you guys to go along with my reasoning of getting that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING as a Trojan fan.... 
a team that i am a dedicated fan of...  
the school that i love.... 
in the city i grew up in. 
a location i decided to come back to....
where i bravely reached out and grabbed onto this thing...
a big girl job.
but only referring to it as a blessing, an accomplishment and a dream i chased long and hard after..... 

so here's to the TROY TROJANS that i love.

and don't be silly...
be sure to come see all of our gameday/collegiate goodies at the confetti crate.


we feel certain that a lover of any and all of the above teams will find something perfect to show their spirit supporting their favorite school.


Thursday, August 30, 2012


i'm a lover for music. 
& vintage. 

 and my goodness.... this video full of vintage everything has me in love over here.
 and the song? one of my favs. 
happy thursday everyone. lets dance in the rain today, shall we?!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CQ of the day.

"i was going to tell you that i was sent here by a friend who refers to the confetti crate as the best store in troy..... but i'm guessing you can tell by my face that i'm in love and agree with my friend...
this.... is.... unbelievable...." -customer

oh, wow!! and thank you very much friends. we adore the excitement {and love} written all over your face. :) again, thank you. that may have just made my day.



3's company.

Jennifer Coggins Brown, will soon welcome the THREE in 3's company. As her twin girls have very much so put the fancy in one and two.... Coggins will complete (or so Jennifer says) the 3's Company. We like to tease her and place high dollar bets that 3's company will eventually be 4's company later followed with 5's company. No laughs from her. :) So assuming Jennifer is one to keep her word on 3 being the final.... we decided to put a little spot light on her as she strolls around on her final few weeks before Coggins arrives. Above is his bed,  of course.... refinished at The Confetti Crate furniture spa. 


I was so excited that Jennifer was DEAD SET on the red bed... I love it! The bedding and other details were battled with a many of flip floppy decisions but the results are perfect! I think it all turned out just lovely, Jennifer! 

Thank you for sharing this little piece of your baby boy's nursery. 

i love all things nursery decor. 
it was a treat being a small part of helping with coggins new "crib". 


Thursday, August 23, 2012

i spy....

the confetti crate listed in PIKE COUNTY 101.

91. "Get your art on at The Confetti Crate on Madison Avenue. View local artists' work and get to know more 
about them. For more information, visit their facebook page."

{101 great things to see, do, and explore in pike county}


The crew at The Confetti Crate would like to invite all of the sorority girls to a night of shopping! There will be a large selection of precious greek gifts to choose from. We strive to offer unique gifts and are so excited to treat you guys to a night full of shopping with your sisters! We will have several artists in store taking custom orders for the perfect gifts for all of your new girls along with all of the items in store. The Confetti Crate also has a few treats planned for you guys so you don't won't to miss this event! :)

5:30-6:30 Alpha Delta Pi
6:30-7:30 Alpha Gamma Delta

5:30-6:30 Kappa Delta
6:30-7:30 Phi Mu

5:30-6:30 Chi O

And we wouldn't won't to leave the "older" sisters out on all the shopping.....
Livee Lou's will be at the store having a clothing trunk show to keep all of you lovely ladies in a cute new outfit, or two, for this exciting time of the year. FALL IS HERE!!!! :)

The sorority with the BIGGEST TURNOUT will WIN A PRIZE!
so be sure to pass the word along to ALL of your sisters!

any questions feel free to call mallory at (334)807-6070 or email

Sunday, August 19, 2012

yo, it's jewelry!

what's your all time favorite accessory?
here lately.... i'm a bracelet girl.
like all up and down the left arm of mine.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

you've got mail.

the love letter wall.

you guys have touched me dearly with so many kind words said about the confetti crate. i mean.... seriously touched me.

being the fan of hand written letters {and art} that i am, i have a project. and i would love for you guys to be a part. well, much more than a part. more like.... i would love for you guys to make it happen.

it saddens me that hand written letters could easily fall under the category of a dying art. i refuse to let that be the case at the confetti crate. that being said, my wish is to have a love letter wall. your part in making that happen is simple.... take two {or so} minutes of your precious time to jot down some of those extremely kind words that are often shared aloud in the store (or on facebook) about the confetti crate. [or paint a pretty picture that-to you- is worth a thousand words] drop the love letter in the mail. and be on the lookout for your kind gesture to be displayed on the LLW. my brain has been flippin' on creative ways to make the love letter wall as pretty as can be. and i have several fun display ideas to work with. so lets get the ball rolling.... in the right {love letter} direction. one piece of art in the mailbox at a time. :) 

the confetti crate
110 w. madison street
troy, al 36081

you all are the absolute best. 



customer quote of the day

"my room mate and i never went this way to school.... but now we drive this way every time we go to class to check out the confetti crate windows" 

thanks for changing your route to class to check up on our windows.  :)
makes us feel special.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

oh, hi!
it's m.
here.... scenes from my rainy day project (+3)
it's kind of a new thing....
and to be quite honest... i feel many more coming on because i think they are fun.
for now.... we will call it "frame-worthy."
no one can ever have too many frames, nor pictures.
so come on, buy your best friend one and your mom too.
because i said so :-)

beez and blossoms designs

what a kind way to share the love. 
thank you dearly, bayne. 

we love our beautiful arrangement you brought us this morning.
our customers have sure enjoyed it also, and have all had very nice things to say about your work. what a lovely treat on such a dreary rainy day.


good tune tuesday

heeeeey there hey!
lets play a little guessing game on this tuesday afternoon to combo with the normal good tune tuesday routine....

so, my sister and i are notorious for naming things.... naming everything, in fact.

does anyone want to guess what i named my bike? 
you know, the colorful and cheery bike out front of the confetti crate that greets customers? yes, her. 

that's hint number one.... i said "her". 
hint number two lies within the good tune tuesday.

comment if you want to take a shot at the name of my bike.... come on people, have some fun! :)


Sunday, August 12, 2012

i like to call her "garcia". 

because it feels right.  and sort of fits.... somehow.

do you love her like i (pretty much hard core) do?


hey there, cupcake!

i kindly encouraged my mom to take a little trip to market last month. it was her first experience. along with a friend and my sister-n-law. i honestly didn't think my mom was going to agree on going for her first time without me. (or anyone other than two others who were also market virgins) but i am so happy she did and it may or may not have a whole bunch to do with her placing an order for THIS GIANT CUPCAKE.

imagine the excitement when i ripped open this delivery.
it was a party, of course. 
for the remainder of the day? absolutely! 
little-big miss cupcake (l.b.m.c.) quickly found it a home under the brightest of spotlights.
right in the center of the confetti crate store front.
i decided i loved "l.b.m.c." so very much that i would not sale her, yet only would i rent her out for special occasions that call for a bright, large, steal the show kind of cupcake display. its flirty, adorable, and absolutely PERFECT party material if you ask us. 
so if this decor detail is what it will take to make your next party a happy one, give us a call for details on renting. "lbmc" was kind of born to party. :)

so thanks mom (plus two) for doing a fantastic job picking out all of the happy things to bring back to the confetti crate. you guys knew there would be no failure with anything party related in the store. and you guys..... you were right!

who doesn't love a sweet treat delivered to their door. 


p.s.- LBMC was rented the very next day following her arrival to the shop. how did the word get out so quickly? easy.... i told you she was a head turning priss didn't i? well she is.... and it only took one day of being in the window front that someone didn't rush through the doors solely for her. 

seriously, such a natural.
 with a strawberry on top!
{scenes from an antique shop in atlanta georgia}

"cause' every tool is a weapon 
if you hold it right"
-ani difranco

Saturday, August 11, 2012


you are the winner of the BATH sign.
 you know where the shop is so come claim your prize as soon as you can. :) 
congrats! and thanks for sharing.


Friday, August 10, 2012

a related relationshop.

once upon a time there were two precious little girls who were, in reality, best friends. but would argue a difference with their moms. they were convinced they were cousins. and on a good day, they were sisters. 

meet georgia - a lover of all things pink. 
meet mary jane - a lover of pigs. 

in their very own little "related" world they stop to take time and read to one another in the "fetti crate". even though the insisting of getting a tory burch (pink) purse happened.... they still stop without getting wrapped up in this wild and crazy world to simply be best friends. 
 to enjoy the little things 
in their own little way. and they are two of my favorite little pretend cousins customers. :)


she's as sweet as....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

a treat for friday.

and that's tomorrow, you know.



for friday!

 if you would like to be entered for a chance to win this "bath" sign for your bathroom....

heres what needs to happen:

become a follower of this blog. and comment under this post saying you are here for a good time a new follower!

and if you {really} want to win.... go ahead and share on facebook for an additional chance in the drawing.

become a follower. and/or share on facebook.
simple enough, right?

ready set go!!
friday or not.... here we come! 

check back tomorrow afternoon for a winner!


and he goes by the name....


you can find his artwork upstairs at the confetti crate. 
 excited? yes.

come check out {your} STATEMENT.

it's totally worth it. 

and all together now....
"welcome aboard, curt!"
so glad to have you as a part of the [crazy] confetti crate crew 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


for the dog lovers, college students, and teachers tooo!
we are having a SALE that's just for you!

this week we will have the dog beds/floor cushions and dog bone pillows on SALE!

the dog beds are a great way to spoil your pooch, floor cushions are awesome for tossing on the floor to relax, or a perfect addition to a hip teachers classroom for reading time.

sale prices:
chevron dog bed- $50
floor cushions- $35
dog bones- $8

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what's in the shop right now. 08/07/12

there is a whole lot of greek going on around here...

bragging rights

hey you guys, check out THIS ARTICLE on one of the talented artists we have at the confetti crate!

yay for spotlight on barb. if you have never been to her precious shop in montgomery, you are missing out tremendously. so next time you are in the montgomery area you better go see barb at her extra adorable shop, barb's on mulberry. and of course, she has her space at the confetti crate filled with the cutest selection of art! come check it out.

Friday, August 3, 2012

the key word being POPPED.

once upon a time this table shared its leg with a puppy to use as it's chew toy. once upon a time this table was not the ugly duckling.... but could use a little make over. 

and recently this little table was dropped off at my furniture spa for just that..... no longer the dogs toy, nor anywhere close to the ugly duckling. i love the shape and size.

 and of course, the details popped just wonderfully, and the make-over was done. mission accomplished. 

more on the emphasis added on POPPED.... but it will be later gater!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

with each passing day i am taught new things (and often by kids)

i personally don't believe in "should" or "would"....or "could".
i am more of the "oh absolutely....we WILL make this happen in real life" kind of girl. 

i had a sweet customer (griff's mom) share a story with me the other day:

 "Griff decided he wanted to draw and paint this afternoon. I think he did very well, but of course I am partial. He asked me if we could hang it up at The Confetti Crate! I told him you couldn't just go 'hang something up' at Miss Mallory's store and he asked "why not?" gotta love his confidence in himself!"

ummm.... WHY NOT! is right. so of course, i insisted he bring his masterpiece to the confetti crate to display. and sale. seeing the sparkle in griffs eyes as he proudly rushed through the door, arms extended with painting in hand, showing off his artwork that he worked so hard on was one of those things that falls under the "making my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave" category. he filled the store with excitement without any intentions of doing so. whether he knew it or not...he was just a proud little guy who had this thing called art wrapped around his heart. while his mom shopped around griff and i went to display his work in our art room upstairs. griff boastfully said, "it's for sale, you know" and of course i asked him the price... originally starting at $200 he decided before he left that he wanted to change the price to $5. the painting was sold before he even left the store. griff was simply a kid with a story to tell.... and only he could tell it. and on that day, he did. though his perfectly painted guitar.