Sunday, July 29, 2012

my extremely awesome mother worked for me yesterday to allow me and my handsome one to venture out of the "big city" of troy in hopes to find lots of treasures. i had a rather long list of things to look for by request of lots of different customers. as i was on the hunt yesterday i was reminded a few things. i have an incredibly fun job. i am given the opportunity to shop for others. something i have always had a love for. growing up, i always had so much fun shopping for others around christmas time. the excitement involved was (and still is) definitely at the max level.  there is just something special about a shopping trip dedicated to a hunt for others wants or needs. so, thank you guys! thank you thank you for allowing me to wander around all of these cool places in search of finding the perfect thing to fit your request. 

i suppose my new life, new job, is kind of like a big celebration of christmas no matter the month. and knowing the reason for the season...... i wouldn't know of a more fit holiday that deserves more than a month to celebrate!

so here's to christmas in july....
and any other month that may fall in between.


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