Monday, July 2, 2012

hello from atlanta georgia! 

i love this place. 
it is so inspiring. 

the boyfriend and i wondered aimlessly around little five points saturday afternoon. it was hot, so hot. but we both love us some sunshine and didn't complain too bad. there was zero makeup applied to the face of mine so i had nothing to lose and only a suntan on my shoulders to gain. 

sunday we spent the afternoon in Chamblee's Antique Row District. fabulous time.

favorite found place was "the ice house". they have mad skills in displaying all of their awesome retro + vintage goodies. i mean serious mad skills, yall. 

i asked the owner (who was a graduate of AUBURN university) how much rent was because i would move in (to live) tomorrow. with a good laugh he replied "two million a month". being the TROJAN fan that I am I was even willing to give him a good WAR EAGLE cheer for considering it... sigh. it was obvious i really loved that place. maybe next time. 

sunday night was a date to IKEA followed by dinner and a bucket of adult bevs at  
six feet under.

i left troy with a list of customer requests that i have tucked away in a purse that is now (thanks to a purchase for myself) tucked away in my new purse..... more fitting to my style, just do it. carry a purse in a purse before you clean the old out.  my green eyes are still searching. and my treasure hunt will never end. the wheels that got me here are still rolling along and i have a verbal agreement with those wheels that at any commanded point they are to stop if i spy a treasure. the back seats are down and surprises are filled nearly to the roof of the ride.... all in all, it has been a fancy little getaway and an adventure to remember. i can't wait to fill some of the corners and shelves throughout the store with the unique finds i have picked up here.  i feel certain they are thrilled to join us on the road as we plan to head back to alabama tomorrow. 
because lets just face it.... who doesn't want to have the opportunity to live in the confetti crate in hopes to be adopted into a loving home?

it's just another sunday funday for me.
and for you.... i hope it was the same. 



  1. I can't wait to see what treasures you bring back to the confetti crate.

  2. I'm with your Mom! Excited to see what treats you will put in The Confetti Crate.