Monday, July 9, 2012

hello, all!

i have some fun and exciting news to share.
the confetti crate is EXPANDING! and will soon have the upstairs open and stocked full of lovely things for YOU GUYS to come and see. we have several new artists that joined us this month and after this week there will even be goodies galore upstairs for everyone to come check out. the thought of opening the upstairs for more than just the art classes was processed after the first month. i thought. and thought some more on opening it up as well. and as i am a very firm believer in "signs" and "weird feelings"... it didn't click with me as the "right time". so i let time do it's thing for a few more months and just recently i made the "lets do this" decision. i am excited. the confetti crate has been such a blessing and boy oh boy, wild and thrilling ride. i am all smiles about everything that has been created inside of the confetti crate over the past four months. wow. it kind of makes my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave when i think of just how darn happy that place makes me.


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  1. love it - love it - can't wait to see the upstairs addition - I know it is darling!!!!!!!!!!!Barb