Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As most of you guys know, Jim Drinkard has been fighting Multiple Myeloma for two and a half years now. Amy and Hawkins Drinkard are teaming up and working really hard with their participation in "Rock n' Roll Savannah". They will be running 13.1 miles. The newlyweds (son and daughter-in-law of Jim and Martha Lynn) have been training with a team from Birmingham that consists of people that have cancer, in remission from cancer, or have loved ones with cancer. Amy and Hawkins both have to raise $2,900. The Confetti Crate is now a location you guys can make a donation to help this cause. Whether it be a check made out to the American Cancer Society or a cash donation, all is very much appreciated. If you would prefer making a donation with a debit card, be sure to go to Amy Cole Drinkard or Hawkins Drinkard's Facebook page to do so. Martha Lynn and Jim can feel the prayers so please continue to pray, pray, pray! This family is a very special one that is dear to my family and also the community of Troy. If anyone is interested in helping Amy and Hawkins meet their goal in honor of Mr. Jim, please stop by The Confetti Crate to contribute! Thanks in advance.


  1. I do hope people in Troy will support Hawkins and Amy! Love these 2 and so proud of what they are doing.

  2. Agree! They are working really hard for someone they really love!