Friday, July 20, 2012

a thanks worth sharing.

when i read the summer 2012 article of TROY LIFE I said to myself, "Robbyn nailed it!" she did a fabulous job with the write up and I couldn't be more "giddy" over it. i will cherish it FOREVER. 

shortly after the magazine was released i seriously felt like the lights came on and i was surrounded by people who wanted to cheer me on, see me succeed and put me right up on their shoulders and spin me around. it was that kind of stage-like feeling. the kind words have been over whelming. the support from my family, old friends, and even new friends i have met through the store deserve a huge, HUGE amount of credit.
 why? for believing in me. 

because you guys believe in me, i believe in me.

the late nights
 the sweat
 the sore hands
 and dirt covered days
 feel so rewarding.

i love what i do. helping others decorate their home is a dream. 
for. real.  
i am flattered that people would actually come to me for advice on any and every thing home decor. flattered, yall. 

for years, i have devoted myself to lingering around this "idea". 

and without giving up or slacking off i took things day by day and simply reminded myself that with every day i learned a lesson in some way. 

back to the idea i ran around with all those years.... it was a big idea. 
but the "big" was most definitely made up of  a bunch of "smalls".
 i am not afraid to admit the uncertainty i had when one would ask me the routine question...."what do you want to do when you grow up?"
  i knew two things.... i didn't WANT to grow up. 
and most importantly i wanted HAPPINESS not a "job". 
how i was going to make those things happen i just didn't know. 
until this past year.... BAM! it hit me.
 i will always be a young thunder cat as long as i take care of myself 
and i didn't have to have a "job". if i worked hard at doing something i  really and truly loved eventually my work would pay off and it would be a reward. not a job.

 and patience, lets not forget about patience. boy did i battle a forever long fight with patience. i won the battle by sticking it out. 
i never let the "idea" out of my sight. i altered it often but never made changes to the idea that didn't make ME extremely happy.  
 and here i am today.... building my "career" around a place that makes me happy....and doing things that i love.

a special thanks to the crew that put together the troy life magazine.
as i said before.... i will cherish it forever.
as quoted in the article.....  

"it finally felt right to be here"

a place that makes me happy, pays the bills and feels the least bit like a "job" and much more like a reward.  



  1. You are the VERY BEST at what you do and a true inspiration to this ole' gal! Thanks for the gentle "nudges" you give me when I toss an idea at you! Keep following your dream............

  2. i am so thankful you are a part of this creative journey with me. :) the confetti crate is a brighter place having your artwork in it! :) thanks for your continuous kind words and support. it has been an amazing five months hasn't it?