Sunday, July 29, 2012

my extremely awesome mother worked for me yesterday to allow me and my handsome one to venture out of the "big city" of troy in hopes to find lots of treasures. i had a rather long list of things to look for by request of lots of different customers. as i was on the hunt yesterday i was reminded a few things. i have an incredibly fun job. i am given the opportunity to shop for others. something i have always had a love for. growing up, i always had so much fun shopping for others around christmas time. the excitement involved was (and still is) definitely at the max level.  there is just something special about a shopping trip dedicated to a hunt for others wants or needs. so, thank you guys! thank you thank you for allowing me to wander around all of these cool places in search of finding the perfect thing to fit your request. 

i suppose my new life, new job, is kind of like a big celebration of christmas no matter the month. and knowing the reason for the season...... i wouldn't know of a more fit holiday that deserves more than a month to celebrate!

so here's to christmas in july....
and any other month that may fall in between.


Friday, July 27, 2012

this one's for jax.

may God bless and keep you always
may your wishes all come true
may you always do for others
and let others do for you
may you build a ladder to the stars
and climb on every rung
may you stay forever young
forever young, forever young
may you stay forever young.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

CELEBRATE. in a wild and happy way.

dear barb,

 so i have been told.... you still look like you did in your college years. 

because you deserve it!
happy happy birthday to you barb! 
the confetti crate crew

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

new new new and lots of it!

scenes from the confetti crate:

come spend your afternoon at the confetti crate.
 there is plenty of fun and interesting things to drool "ohhh and ahhhhh" over.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As most of you guys know, Jim Drinkard has been fighting Multiple Myeloma for two and a half years now. Amy and Hawkins Drinkard are teaming up and working really hard with their participation in "Rock n' Roll Savannah". They will be running 13.1 miles. The newlyweds (son and daughter-in-law of Jim and Martha Lynn) have been training with a team from Birmingham that consists of people that have cancer, in remission from cancer, or have loved ones with cancer. Amy and Hawkins both have to raise $2,900. The Confetti Crate is now a location you guys can make a donation to help this cause. Whether it be a check made out to the American Cancer Society or a cash donation, all is very much appreciated. If you would prefer making a donation with a debit card, be sure to go to Amy Cole Drinkard or Hawkins Drinkard's Facebook page to do so. Martha Lynn and Jim can feel the prayers so please continue to pray, pray, pray! This family is a very special one that is dear to my family and also the community of Troy. If anyone is interested in helping Amy and Hawkins meet their goal in honor of Mr. Jim, please stop by The Confetti Crate to contribute! Thanks in advance.

ryan adams

feeling folky?

alright TROY folks....

this wally lowery folk art painting is for another troy team who will be playing in the world series! 

this thursday is the last day to place a bid on the painting. 

 support this hard working group of kiddos by placing your bid today because half of the winning bid is given to the team to help with their travel expenses to the WORLD SERIES! 

and again....

you guys are a big deal 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

for a little boy who is a huge fan of "cars".....
and the color RED.

a cedar chest makeover.

its wine down and paint time!

happy everything day!

of course, i found it an easy task to get paint everywhere.... 
covering the knees and all.

Friday, July 20, 2012

a thanks worth sharing.

when i read the summer 2012 article of TROY LIFE I said to myself, "Robbyn nailed it!" she did a fabulous job with the write up and I couldn't be more "giddy" over it. i will cherish it FOREVER. 

shortly after the magazine was released i seriously felt like the lights came on and i was surrounded by people who wanted to cheer me on, see me succeed and put me right up on their shoulders and spin me around. it was that kind of stage-like feeling. the kind words have been over whelming. the support from my family, old friends, and even new friends i have met through the store deserve a huge, HUGE amount of credit.
 why? for believing in me. 

because you guys believe in me, i believe in me.

the late nights
 the sweat
 the sore hands
 and dirt covered days
 feel so rewarding.

i love what i do. helping others decorate their home is a dream. 
for. real.  
i am flattered that people would actually come to me for advice on any and every thing home decor. flattered, yall. 

for years, i have devoted myself to lingering around this "idea". 

and without giving up or slacking off i took things day by day and simply reminded myself that with every day i learned a lesson in some way. 

back to the idea i ran around with all those years.... it was a big idea. 
but the "big" was most definitely made up of  a bunch of "smalls".
 i am not afraid to admit the uncertainty i had when one would ask me the routine question...."what do you want to do when you grow up?"
  i knew two things.... i didn't WANT to grow up. 
and most importantly i wanted HAPPINESS not a "job". 
how i was going to make those things happen i just didn't know. 
until this past year.... BAM! it hit me.
 i will always be a young thunder cat as long as i take care of myself 
and i didn't have to have a "job". if i worked hard at doing something i  really and truly loved eventually my work would pay off and it would be a reward. not a job.

 and patience, lets not forget about patience. boy did i battle a forever long fight with patience. i won the battle by sticking it out. 
i never let the "idea" out of my sight. i altered it often but never made changes to the idea that didn't make ME extremely happy.  
 and here i am today.... building my "career" around a place that makes me happy....and doing things that i love.

a special thanks to the crew that put together the troy life magazine.
as i said before.... i will cherish it forever.
as quoted in the article.....  

"it finally felt right to be here"

a place that makes me happy, pays the bills and feels the least bit like a "job" and much more like a reward.  


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 i love doing custom work. especially when a client brings in a sleigh bed identical to one i have in my own home. and even better that my sleigh bed has been put on the "back burner" of an update simply because i haven't exchanged an "i-do" with any certain color. i would like to say i have no fear in painting something of my own, not loving it, and painting it again. no big deal. but with wonderful clients coming in (and often) with fun requests for me.... i tend to drag the "decision" on a certain color out a little longer than i normally would with my sleigh bed. 

these fabulous bedside tables along with melanies sleigh bed were painted in annie sloan pure white, waxed with annie sloan dark wax. she loved the results. and so did i. i originally said i wanted my sleigh bed done in a COLOR. and by color i mean something with a punch of bright and cheery and..... funky? but oh, the simplicity of the particular sleigh bed refinished and lightly distressed in pure white had me reconsidering the original thought on going bright with simple linens. now i am onto the new and thinking a good old face lift in the trusty pure white just might be the winner. so, thanks melanie for allowing me to help in the "new look" of your bedroom as it gave me a true trial run on what my sleigh bed would look like in one color. :) and sorry guys, i left the boyfriend in charge of helping load the bed and due to it being on a rainy day there were zero pictures taken of the bed. i will be on mel's case to send me some though don't you worry.

so until then.... you will just have to admire the matching end tables.

you guys!!!!

the upstairs..........

is open!

new for you.

it's true!

come check everything out for yourself.

happy hump day.


customer quotes from a tcc tues. afternoon.

"this is my favorite store because it's so unique. and i love unique."

thank you love. i love unique, too! :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

celebrate a birthday with us!

hip hip hooray!

has a BIRTHDAY today!

 if you have not been in the store to see her adorable hand painted wooden door hangers, precious burlap wreaths, childrens tu-tu's and more then you are MISSING OUT! so for her day of birth why don't we help her celebrate together by supporting her creative outlet and come shop from her selection at the confetti crate!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

for the love of baseball.

how fun are these baseball bookends that were brought into the store yesterday. 

aren't they cute?

happy hump day!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

customer quote

"i sure hope you don't mind me coming here {at least} once a week to look around. and more than likely..... you won't have to worry about me leaving empty handed!" 

- a confetti crate virgin that explored around today and as she truly spoke, one who definitely did not leave empty handed.

thank you. 
thank you. 
thank you
and thank you again. 

your weekly visits (and business) are greatly appreciated from me and all of the artists under the roof of 110 W. madison street.


Monday, July 9, 2012

hello, all!

i have some fun and exciting news to share.
the confetti crate is EXPANDING! and will soon have the upstairs open and stocked full of lovely things for YOU GUYS to come and see. we have several new artists that joined us this month and after this week there will even be goodies galore upstairs for everyone to come check out. the thought of opening the upstairs for more than just the art classes was processed after the first month. i thought. and thought some more on opening it up as well. and as i am a very firm believer in "signs" and "weird feelings"... it didn't click with me as the "right time". so i let time do it's thing for a few more months and just recently i made the "lets do this" decision. i am excited. the confetti crate has been such a blessing and boy oh boy, wild and thrilling ride. i am all smiles about everything that has been created inside of the confetti crate over the past four months. wow. it kind of makes my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave when i think of just how darn happy that place makes me.


Friday, July 6, 2012

barcelona orange & provence.

happy friday, party people!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

i know, i know....
 the forth has ended but i couldn't NOT share with you all a small bit from our day. 

how was your independence day? 

was it as hot for you as it was for us? 

and festive?
oh but of course, we wouldn't have it any other way.

a few from the crew at the confetti crate made an appearance in the 4th of july parade in meeksville, al.

(above) i'm stuck in the middle of two fabulous artists from the confetti crate whom i both adore. they are wonderful. and always so eager to help with things around the store. to both of you- THANKS an insanely huge amount from the bottom of my heart for everything you guys do. and even more.... 
 thanks for adding such a fun splash of talent to the store. 


Monday, July 2, 2012

hello from atlanta georgia! 

i love this place. 
it is so inspiring. 

the boyfriend and i wondered aimlessly around little five points saturday afternoon. it was hot, so hot. but we both love us some sunshine and didn't complain too bad. there was zero makeup applied to the face of mine so i had nothing to lose and only a suntan on my shoulders to gain. 

sunday we spent the afternoon in Chamblee's Antique Row District. fabulous time.

favorite found place was "the ice house". they have mad skills in displaying all of their awesome retro + vintage goodies. i mean serious mad skills, yall. 

i asked the owner (who was a graduate of AUBURN university) how much rent was because i would move in (to live) tomorrow. with a good laugh he replied "two million a month". being the TROJAN fan that I am I was even willing to give him a good WAR EAGLE cheer for considering it... sigh. it was obvious i really loved that place. maybe next time. 

sunday night was a date to IKEA followed by dinner and a bucket of adult bevs at  
six feet under.

i left troy with a list of customer requests that i have tucked away in a purse that is now (thanks to a purchase for myself) tucked away in my new purse..... more fitting to my style, just do it. carry a purse in a purse before you clean the old out.  my green eyes are still searching. and my treasure hunt will never end. the wheels that got me here are still rolling along and i have a verbal agreement with those wheels that at any commanded point they are to stop if i spy a treasure. the back seats are down and surprises are filled nearly to the roof of the ride.... all in all, it has been a fancy little getaway and an adventure to remember. i can't wait to fill some of the corners and shelves throughout the store with the unique finds i have picked up here.  i feel certain they are thrilled to join us on the road as we plan to head back to alabama tomorrow. 
because lets just face it.... who doesn't want to have the opportunity to live in the confetti crate in hopes to be adopted into a loving home?

it's just another sunday funday for me.
and for you.... i hope it was the same.