Friday, June 29, 2012

"benjamin, are you ready to go?" -the mom.

"no way mom! i could stay in this store forever" -the cutest little three year old ever. 

we love kids at the confetti crate. 
and even more do we love when precious little ones, like benjamin, come in and love the store and really take in all of the excitement. 
there is just something extra special about a curious young buck shopper.

this specific kiddo made me smile. i am pretty darn mad at myself for not getting a picture of little benjamin in the store yesterday as he ventured around from room to room with the critter cage and sword he immediately spotted and picked up from "barb's" at the confetti crate. so without a picture to go along with the story you will have to just trust me when i say he had an adorable personality and was much cuter than a button.

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