Friday, June 29, 2012

yesterday we had our second summer art camp at the confetti crate.

the group was adorable.
and sweet.
and talented! oh my. 
and of course, they all had a blast.

barbara grimes who is the owner of a precious little shop in montgomery, al,
 {barb's on mulberry} was the aritst teaching this camp.

we love barb!
and the kids do too. 
the afternoon was just perfect. :-)

pictures coming soon. promise.


"benjamin, are you ready to go?" -the mom.

"no way mom! i could stay in this store forever" -the cutest little three year old ever. 

we love kids at the confetti crate. 
and even more do we love when precious little ones, like benjamin, come in and love the store and really take in all of the excitement. 
there is just something extra special about a curious young buck shopper.

this specific kiddo made me smile. i am pretty darn mad at myself for not getting a picture of little benjamin in the store yesterday as he ventured around from room to room with the critter cage and sword he immediately spotted and picked up from "barb's" at the confetti crate. so without a picture to go along with the story you will have to just trust me when i say he had an adorable personality and was much cuter than a button.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


what kind of "snob" are you?

hi, party people!

for you this morning.... we have a question.
and the confetti crate crew would really love to hear some feedback from you guys.

what kind of "snob" are you? 

and by "snob" we will try our best to explain exactly what we mean....

for an example (plus a few)...

first snob up...

- a front door snob. the first thing she notices about a house is the front door. 
and she is quick to judge the entire house based on the front door.         such! a! snob!

-a knob snob. while quick to tell you how frugal she is, mallory finds it only fair that she admits to her rather ridiculous obsession with knobs. and even though the excitement { & her frugal side } of keeping the original hardware on a piece of furniture she is redoing totally sweeps her off her feet from time to time... 
it's usually the "click. add to cart"  here.   here.
and here. that often get her.
but LUCKY FOR MALLORY- that knob snob has the availability of awesome handmade knobs DAILY right there in her store. {The Confetti Crate}
....and might we add- 1,000's to choose from, touch, see and drool over in person.... can we say perfect little detail in the life of a KNOB+SNOB?!
-a music snob. the girl loves music. that's really all there is to that. 
it's in her blood. literally.... thanks to her musically intelligent (!!!!) dad. <---- and that same credit goes to her boyfriend.... she just has a snobby side to her when it comes to one picking out what she would consider a good, good jam. 

 - a pizza snob. 
mallory says no to thick.  
hell NO to little c's. 
and absolutely not to papa j's. 
it's pizza hut- thin crust.(toppings galore. or pepperoni, riding solo)
domino's thin crust. (again, toppings galore. or plain jane pepperoni alone)
a requested ginormous amount of napkins to blot away the first foot of grease and a dash of salt to the top. 
and perhaps mallory is traveling the roads through kansas city, missouri she will need some syrup.... to make things just right in her pizza-land. 

and..... last but definitely NOT least!

- a soap snob.
mallory never saw this day coming. she has an extremely thoughtful grandmother (you can call her "memo") who gifted her with "the little things" (that were really huge things) nearly EVERY time they saw one another throughout her college years.(and often still does) a girl with naturally wild and curly hair can never have too much hairspray stocked up. shaving creams, toothpaste, deo, socks, shampoo.... soap. EEEKKKKKK. That's where things get funky. mallory kindly asked her memo to put the soap buying to a permanent pause unless she was purchasing some of the soap that mallory is now addicted to. (southern scents and sensations-amy jinright) 

"i will never turn down the hairspray that memo sends my way.... nor will i refuse a new colorful pair of ankle socks..... but the body wash.... no thanks. i'm kind of going steady with this goat milk soap. i guess you can add "soap snob" to that little list i have" -mallory

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

kids art camp and adult painting party

this thursday!!!!

your little artist will have a blast with barb grimes at her summer art camp. 

be sure to call mallory at (334)807-6070 to register your child. 
hurry, hurry! spaces are limited for all art classes. 

because our first camp with barb was so much fun......

we just couldn't refuse a round two!

 kids summer art camp!    
THIS THURSDAY! 2:00-5:00 

art keeps us going.... and excited.... 
what can we say!?
after the kids camp is over we will quickly head to our local wine bar {SIPS on the square}, grab a bottle of wine to-go and head back to the confetti crate where we will being our adult painting pARTy.
when 6:30pm rolls around we will begin partying painting this fabulous lady.

hooray for another art camp and paint party! 


the confetti crate is wrapping up month number 4.
& together, ziggy and coby decided....
there is no better way than to start month 5 with a blog. 

and so it is.... 

{ another to-do on the list.another www to sign into daily.and hello- another website for YOU to add to your favs. so,go ahead... click "follow" now so you will not miss out on some of the "extra extra"}

this blog will be casual. where we will keep things lower case and comfy clothes. 
this blog will issue a fine of $24 to anyone who judges a typo due to long week/late night blogging.

this blog will be totally worth following. 

this blog will be a home for special treats and giveaways that are ONLY announced here!
and not to mention....  ziggy and coby are in charge (for the most part).



with that being said we feel that it is only fair to {officially} kick things
 off with a...... 
"follower freebie"!

the rules are simple:

first follower gets a freebie!
first follower.... gets a freebie!

and because we are very much so excited about the upcoming holiday we will go ahead and celebrate july right here on this blog with another giveaway to the 4th follower.  

both the first and forth follower can pick up their "freebie" at the confetti crate anytime before july 4th.  

and hey, thanks for following! :)
lots of fun coming in the life of this blog. 
that is a promise.  

and for now....
we will leave you with a few pictures of patriotic goods that are at the store....  come SHOP soon.


thanks for reading our first [of many] blog post.

coby & ziggy